Honduras – Get to know what this tropical country is all about.

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Honduras is one of the largest countries in Central America. It has all the tropical and historical attributes that countries like Belize and Guatemala have. But it has the distinction as being the less visited by tourists in the region.

About Honduras

Over the last few years, Honduras has been in the news due to the caravans of people leaving the country for the US, either looking for opportunities or trying to flee from violence.

Honduras is one of the least developed and one of the most unstable countries in Central America. This is due in significant part to corruption, poverty, and crime.

Inequalities in wealth continue to be high in this country. Nearly half of the population is living below the poverty line. That is one of the main reasons, thousands of Hondurans leave the country each year.

The Economy

Honduras is one of the most impoverished countries in Central America. It suffers from an extraordinarily unbalanced distribution of wealth, as well as high unemployment.

This country historically has been dependent on the export of bananas and coffee as the primary source of income. But, over the last five-plus years, the government has begun to diversify its export base in order to improve its economy.

The economy depends heavily on trade with the US, and remittances from Hondurans living in other countries, mainly the US.


When it comes to tourism, this country it has a lot to offer. Beautiful tropical beaches, great archeological sites, historic colonial cities, vast jungles, and much more.

Notwithstanding, Honduras has the same touristic characteristics as the rest of the countries in Central America. However, most people avoid traveling to the country because of its reputation as being violent and crime-ridden.

Yes, Honduras just like the other two countries in the Northern Triangle of Central America have issues with crime and violence.

Nonetheless, the majority of crime and violence is hardly ever towards visitors or in touristic locations.

Living in Honduras

If you wish to live in a pleasant environment, with a slower way of life? Honduras can be a country where your dreams can come true. It has already attracted many people who have settled in this nation.

The good is that the country offers various assets for people looking to move; low cost of living, affordable housing, business opportunities, friendly people, and more.

The bad, at the end of the day it is still a third world country. All of these will be reflected in what you see and experience every day.

Furthermore, the life that you want to live in this nation, it will depend heavily on what your financial situation is. The bigger the monthly budget, the more comfortable life can be.

If you are willing to accept the fact that you are living in a third world country, and deal with everything that comes with that. Honduras might be the place for you.

More About Honduras

Honduras is a fantastic country. Yes, it has a terrible reputation and is one of the most undeveloped and poorest countries in Central America.

However, If you ever get the chance, visit Honduras and be one of the many people who has fallen in love with this country.

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