Guatemala – The country of the eternal spring has it all.

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Guatemala has it all. Colonial towns, Mayan ruins, great lakes, fascinating beaches, exotic jungles, and much more.

The country of the eternal spring as it is known is bordered by Mexico to the north and west. Belize and the Caribbean ocean to the northeast. Honduras to the east. El Salvador to the southeast. And the Pacific Ocean to the south.

The bad about Guatemala.

Guatemala, just like Honduras and El Salvador have a terrible reputation as being countries with a lot of violence and crime.

Furthermore, these countries form an area known as the Northern Triangle of Central America. During the 1980s, these countries were shaken by civil wars, that left a legacy of violence and weak institutions.

Just to give an example, in the last few years, thousands of Guatemalans, many of them unaccompanied minors, have arrived in the United States, seeking asylum from the region’s violence.

The good.

Guatemala is a country of remarkable cultural and natural richness. All of these can be seen in colonial cities like Antigua, great archeological sites like Tikal, and incredible natural lakes like Atitlán surrounded by volcanoes. These are just a few of the fantastic things that this country has to offer.

Now, what can we say about the weather? The pleasant climate allows anyone to visit at any time of the year. For that reason, people refer to Guatemala as the country with the eternal spring.

According to Wikitravel

Guatemala has a rich and distinctive culture from the long mix of elements from Spain and the native Maya people. This diverse history and the natural beauty of the land have created a destination rich in interesting and scenic sites.

Guatemala’s culture blends cultural heritage from; Indigenous Mayan, European, Latino, and Caribbean influences. Today, ethnic diversity is visible in the various lifestyles and traditions that exist throughout the country.

In conclusion, this country with its richness and diversity offers visitors many ways to enjoy vacations.

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